New Jennifer Lawrence Nude Leaked Pics !

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Another one of among celebrities that their phone got hacked. Now exclusively we bring new Jennifer Lawrence nude leaked pics from her cell phone to you.

The photos are real, you can see her taking a picture in the mirror, on the couch on the bed etc. She is very casual in front of the camera, well she is, after all, a movie star you will say, she has to be casual. Yeah, but she is not a porn star, right? And some poses that she took, it gets you thinking: Jennifer Lawrence would be one good porn star!

Jennifer Lawerence Sex Tape Pic VIDEO pic

You can see that she is a fan of shaved pussy, I’m happy for that because I love when pussy is smooth as silk!

It looks like pics leaking is far from over and her fine sweet shaved pussy and her beautiful boobs are all over the gallery below, and there is more to come just stay with us!

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  • Nikola Vucinic

    wow awesome collection of Jennifer Lawrence nudes

  • Nashornkäfer


  • madridista sejati

    Is this for real?

    • jayson Teeman

      yes…she has confirmed these are real…and they are spectacular.

      • Brian Brah

        Most girls are straight not bisexual u pussy

        • jayson Teeman

          You do know this response is in NO WAY related to what I said, do you not? Who the FUCK said anything about straight and bisexual?

        • Admiral Rusty Schackleford

          Are you legit retarded?

          • Brian Brah

            Are you brain washed by porn you pussy. Williams Institute ucla study found only 2 percent of women identify as bisexual over 96 percent are straight .

          • Admiral Rusty Schackleford

            Your reply has nothing to do with his comment you fucking retard. No one cares. Eat shit and die.

    • Nikola Vucinic

      Yep 100%

  • jayson Teeman

    ‘Leaked’…yeah, right. Obvious it was for publicity, the only thing that ‘leaked’ was me when I saw these pics.

    • HeroinMilkshake

      Publicity for what?? She was already hot on the entertainment scene.

    • Jeff Winger

      Buddy, the FBI already confirmed it was an illegal hacking. Many actresses had their private pics leaked. Where have you been? Publicity? LMAO. She was already the hottest actress in town due to the Hunger Games movies and her Oscar win for SLP.

    • Skills and Business

      Its called The fappening here is source

    • Nikola Vucinic

      Not just you Jayson, we all leaked 🙂

  • HeroinMilkshake

    Gonna go take a cold shower now.

  • Person

    I was about to start looking at her pictures in “detail” but then I got distracted by how messy her room is.Jesus Christ man she lives in a fucking pigsty.I don’t even want to look at her pictures.

  • Marko Vucinic

    So fucking hot!

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  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone take that much nude photos of themselves?

    • Spot

      Why not, she is sexy and beautiful!

  • Bery

    I agree!

  • Andy White

    That one of her bent over with her asshole showing has got me rock hard

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  • Luke Barnett

    you’re right without a doubt she looks perfect in every picture, her stomach and whole figure is perfect. unbelievably beautiful figure.

  • Devil

    My girlfriend has the same type of breasts. But Jennifer overall is a goddess.

  • Here Potter

    Tök jó cickója van.

  • Jeff Winger

    The FBI confirmed these pictures were illegally stolen from her iCloud. Nothing to do with publicity. Unless you’re suggesting the FBI is in on a conspiracy with Apple to “leak” private pictures of an actress for publicity. And that would also mean that Jennifer, an Oscar winner who made 52 million last year, has to resort to deliberately leaking very private pictures of herself-which would be a very sexist belief.

  • Jeff Winger

    She’s an Oscar winner who made 52 million last year. Sh doesn’t want to be famous for having very private nude photos leak- she’s not a Kardashian. Your absurd, sexist conspiracy theory would also mean that the FBI and Apple are part of the plot to leak her pics for publicity.

  • Mostaf Mostaf0790

    This actor is a good and beautiful person should not publish their pictures so … you have to respect and delete pictures

  • the fappening leak was glorious. hopefully another A-list nude scandal hits soon..