Amber Rose sex tape leaked

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She denied, but we have the proof that she’s been lying! Exclusively on Scandal Planet Amber Rose sex tape!

Amber Rose had one wet morning with her secret boyfriend Nick Cannon. In the video, we can see he starts recording after he woke up and then putting his tongue in her wet pussy to wake her up.

This guy is a speedy Gonzales, as you can see he came after just 5 minutes, I don’t think Amber was satisfied… How long would you fuck her, I know I would fuck her fat ass all night, and I would make a lot better celeb porn video! So Mrs. Rose dump that sissy and come to the real man!

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  • Bronea

    too bad he didn’t spray her on the face 😀

  • Clit Commander

    her haircut makes her so hot!

    • Linea

      Always wanted to fuck short hired bitch!

  • Efac

    I’m not into big tits, but she makes me so horny right now!

  • Lotadilo

    I would love to fuck her in the ass!

  • Gaime

    lick that pussy!

  • Jukelox

    Only big butts!

  • Sgt. Salas

    thats not her this girl has no fucking tattoos so what any girl with gross short hair is amber rose?

    • Nikola Vucinic

      ignorant man, its Amber Rose she confirms it on her official twitter account asking for video to be removed! No tattoos since its from period when she was just a slutty stripper!

  • Szabó Lenke

    She is not Amber Rose.

    • Nikola Vucinic

      Yes it is Amber Rose in this porn video, its confirmed 2 years a go!

  • hoycitvo

    i guess famous strippers are a thing now

  • Nikola Vucinic

    Amber Rose porn will never be complete without that facial!